How Gender Roles Changed Since the 1950's

How Gender Roles Changed Since the 1950's

As of now, the gender roles have changed a lot. How have they changed? This piece will tell how life in the fifties has changed compared to the present day. The fifties was known and classified as the era of stereotype. A good example of this would be that in this particular era the women were at home while the men went out to work. The women unfortunately were stuck at home while home schooling the children and the men were the breadwinners and got a good sense of ownership from it.

The life of the fifties was extremely stereotyped especially with the stereotypes given to the women who did everything. The women were generally in charged of any housework given. Although this is very obvious the women must before all stay at home with the children. Women were also responsible for doing the grocery shopping. They did not have the right to vote and they were not recognized by the society for the most part, depending on the country.

Today, the equality of sexes is more recognized, but not completely. Finally, the life style of women today is much better than in the fifties. Women can be grateful for Betty Friedan who fought for the women’s rights in society. Now we can see the roles being reversed and we now have men staying at home like the women once did. The men are now doing the grocery shopping and the women are now taking on jobs that were considered exclusive to men such as snow removal. This is good news for some women while other women living in middle-eastern countries are still not recognized which is extremely sad to know.

In conclusion we can state that the equality between sexes is not completely equal but much closer than before. In order to fully obtain a fair equality in sexes is hard to do but this will only be obtained in a long time which is the same for racism. In fact we can compare it to the racism. It is not the society itself who can change it is the people who form it.

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