How Harmful Is Gmo to Humans

How Harmful Is Gmo to Humans

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Genetically Modified (GMO) Corn; is it Safe or Dangerous for Humans

Genetically Modified (GMO) Corn

Is the corn you see in your Food Store, Famers Market or Roadside Stand, actually what we grew up with? Is what looks, smells and taste like corn, even corn? If consumers believe on the government and food agencies who say the protect us, then why are hundreds of organizations who have nothing to gain, saying no. I believe as in being proven in outer Government debacles, we are not being told the truth. I believe our Government has no ability to make determinations and financially well-off companies take advantage of this to their own benefit.
Genetic Modification by definition is the removal of material from one organism inserting it into the gene code or another. Biotech companies are creating thousands of organisms including seeds that Mother Nature itself does not produce. These “Creations” are being each patented and being used in food production (most still waiting patent approval because of massive backlog) without long term testing. One organization which does not profit from GM or from Corn production estimates there are nearly 85,000 different strains of corn, that’s just corn.
According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) the annual production of fresh sweet corn for 2012 was approximately 31.4 Million tons and for processing (Canned and Frozen) was more than 2.9 Million tons with the highest grossing dollar values so far of nearly $1.195 billion. They also state that sweet corn consumption continues to increase, contradicting what their very own reports reveal; saying new genetic lines of sweet corn has better taste, is more consistent and has longer shelf life.
Interesting statements since according to their very own reports, the Agricultural Marketing Research Center finds in USDA reports(agmrc) that each human eats s less corn per person now than in 1996 (29 pounds) verses in 2011 being 24 pounds per person. The United States is...

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