How Is Disability Represented in Coming Down the Mountain?

How Is Disability Represented in Coming Down the Mountain?

How is disability represented in coming down the mountain?

Through the narrative opening of coming down the mountain immediately the audience are positioned to feel shocked in the way David says he wants to kill his brother and moments after we are shown Ben who has downs syndrome, this positions the audience to feel sorry for Ben and even more negative towards David as the audience subconsciously let bens disability affect their opinions.

On the other hand the opening incorporates humour in to the representation when David makes the reference to Ben being like a potato. Although this can be seen as offensive it was conveyed in a light hearted way .Which reflects the whole way in which bens disability is represented as it is not shown in a bad light from bens point of view. However from David’s point of view disability is represented from a negative way as it becomes quite clear that the disability of Ben affects the David’s life dramatically and seems somewhat a burden to David’s preferred lifestyle.
Overall coming down the mountain presents disability in a good light but also shows the everyday controversy that a person with a disability is faced with and also the lives of the people involved.

In the opening scenes of coming down the mountain there high angle shot which pictures Ben and David’s side of the room makes a very powerful statement on how different they both are. Ben’s side of the room is vibrant and colourful with novelty bed sheets, this reflects not only Ben’s personality and state of mind but also the way he views life as many things are still new to him. The other half of the room is David’s and clearly reflects his characteristics as in the opening narrative the audience are positioned to see him in a negative light which is why his half of the room is dull and very basic which is a good reflection of his state of mind as he doesn’t seem to be that outgoing .The two halves of the room also mirror their maturity

The opening...

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