How Is Organizational Behavior Used in Organizational Setting?

How Is Organizational Behavior Used in Organizational Setting?

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1a) Define organization behavior (OB) and explain how it is used in the organizational setting. (10 marks)

1a) the study of human and group behavior within organizational settings. The study of organization behavior involves looking at the attitudes, interpersonal relationships, performance, productivity, job satisfaction, and commitment of employees, as well as levels of organizational commitment and industrial relations. Organization behavior can be affected by corporate culture, leadership, and management style. Organization behavior emerged as a distinct specialty from organization theory in the late 1950s and early 1960s through attempts to integrate different perspectives on human and management problems and develop an understanding of behavioral dynamics within organizations.
To understand behavior in the organization, we must examine the interaction of individual with the various factors the individuals encounter in that organizational setting. The behaviors encountered in the organization are, of course, very diverse. The diversity of personalities interacting with varied organizational environment result in considerable variation in concomitant behavior.

1) Examine human behavior from a psychological perspective. This level of analysis will permitted to examine human traits and characteristics with a view to understanding how element of personality may influence an individual responses to organization behavior or environment.

2) To interact in the small group or team environments cause a sociological perspective.

3) It would be necessary to examine the impact of larger or wider organizational factors on the individuals within that organization.

1b) There are lot of challenges and opportunities today for managers to use OB concept. List and explain 3 such challenges and opportunities for OB. (10 marks)

There are a lot of challenges and opportunities today for managers to use OB concepts such as:

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