how p2x receptors work

how p2x receptors work

living in halls
your guide to living in a university
hall of residence - 2012 entry

Congratulations on being offered a
place to live in our halls of residence.

This booklet covers all the information
you will need to know about our halls
of residence, from the contract you
accept to general advice on your stay.

It is important you read this booklet
as it includes information on your
safety and the safety of your fellow
residents. When you agree to your
contract you are confirming that you
have read this booklet.

about us


your contract


before you arrive


rules and regulations


living in halls


catered halls


contacts 28

about us
The Accommodation and Hospitality
Services department is responsible
for a wide range of services on all
main sites of the university, including
catering outlets, SouthCoast
Conferences and all residential
accommodation, both owned and
This booklet provides information
about what you need to know
before you accept an offer of
accommodation from the university,
and what you need to know once you
have moved into halls. Please read
the information carefully as you will
need to understand the nature of the
contract you have with the university.
This booklet also includes
information on what to bring to
your accommodation, including
areas of consideration such as
cars and parking. The remaining
section details aspects of living
in your accommodation such as
welfare, health and safety and other
services available to you. If you have
any queries about any aspect of
this information, please contact the
relevant accommodation office, either
at Brighton, Eastbourne or Hastings
(details on page 29).

Student Accommodation Code
Universities UK (UUK) is the
representative body for the executive
heads of UK universities and is
recognised as the umbrella group
for the university sector. One of its...

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