How Successful Is the Red Bull Advert in Persuading Its Audience?

How Successful Is the Red Bull Advert in Persuading Its Audience?

How successful is the Red Bull advert in persuading its audience?

Starting in Austria but now drunk in hundreds of countries throughout the world, Red Bull has become an influential player in the carbonated drinks market. With the help of over the top advertising associated with extreme sports and just about everything that’s exciting and thrilling, from dirt bike racing in the Sahara Desert to international breakdancing events in New York City, Red Bull has forced its way into the eyes of the world.

Ice cold ‘cough syrup’ (with a good helping of caffeine) is how I would personally describe Red Bull and various other energy drinks sold on the market. These expensive sugary concoctions claim to have different ‘flavours’ but they all tend to taste the same in the end! However, the main claim for their product is the effect it has on the mind and body, but the question is how do they convince the consumer into believing it does?

Red Bull uses many different types of media in their advertising campaign; newspapers, magazines, TV adverts, the internet and promotional events. The Red Bull Cola advert displayed in newspapers is packed with language features. The slogan ‘strong and natural’ has many connotations. The contrast of the two words work very well as the word ‘strong’ suggests the macho qualities of the drink, its power and aggression whilst the word ‘natural’ makes the reader feel cool, relaxed and healthy. This is backed up by the colours of the can which are red: representing strength, and blue: representing the more natural side. Repetition is used, as the word ‘natural’ appears many times to claim the drink is for the health conscious. ‘No artificial colours, no flavourings etc.’ is also included to assure the reader that drink is healthy and reinforces the idea that the drink is good for us.

A list of ingredients is also given to give the reader peace of mind about what they’re consuming. The exotic flavours in the drink ‘mace, galangel,...

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