How the Ansering Machine Works

How the Ansering Machine Works

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How the Answering Machine Works

An answering machine is a very good appliance to have in this day and age.

Today we live is a very busy world. For the most of us, we are always on the go. We also tend to miss a lot of phone calls. Now there are those of us that are away from home a lot and must answer every call that we may have. In this case we have cellular phones what we can carry with us. Now on the other hand, there are some of us that are not quite as busy, or on the go, but we can't always get to the phone in time. That is where the good old answering machine comes in. It will catch a call that you couldn't. It is a very simple appliance to work.

First of all, for some reason or another, a person has to call you. Now this can be a business call from an employer. Then again this could be a call from a friend or a family member just wanting to say hello. For whatever reason a call must come through to your phone. A this point, the phone is still ringing.

Next you may not be home. Then again, you could be doing something at the moment that keeps you from answering. On the other hand you just may not hear the phone ring. Whatever the case may be, no one answers your phone. This leads to the actual answering machine itself working.

Here, you may have an automated message that greets your caller. Where as you may have recorded a personal greeting to your callers. This depends on if you are using a voice message (often called) through your phone company, or if you are using a store bought answering machine. This message greets the caller and informs them of you not being able to take the call. It also instructs the caller to leave a name , phone number, and or a brief message. At this point the message assures the caller that you will get back in touch with them at your earliest convenience.

Now we are at the point where, the caller will here a beep sound. After hearing this tone, the...

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