How the Computer Affects ?

How the Computer Affects ?

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How Has the Internet Affected the Way We Communicate Within This New Era? Can We Use This to Our Advantage?
Brenda Lloyd Faculty of Business and Information Technology Whitireia Community Polytechnic, New Zealand

This paper reports on ongoing research aimed at investigating the interaction between Internet-based communication and career management. This includes knowledge management in a virtual environment and career management in the Internet environment. I aim to combine the students’ need for good career information with the technology used in multiplayer interactive 3D gaming environments, which the Internet generation find so engaging supplemented by artificial intelligent ‘bots’ or other tools and methods available. This is the initial investigation into the current scene with regard to the tools available. It looks at some of the effects which the Internet has on the way we communicate over distance and how the changes in these may be used to improve the way we attract prospective students, and ensure they achieve the types of career which they aspire to. The prospective employers could also use some of these methods to widen their pool of recruits by allowing them to gain a more complete picture of their skills. Currently the differences between courses and their usefulness within employment are based on advertising and personal knowledge often presented in a traditional way for example text and images. The modern environment requires these methods to be updated to attract the new generation of Internet savvy players in order to become more effective.

The onset of the popularity of the Internet has permutated through every aspect of our lives as such places as government agencies, banks and the like make full use of it. This enables people to get answers for straightforward questions immediately, and allows them to get any relevant paperwork Millar-Jacobs (2003). Currently though many people use the Internet solely for the...

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