How the internet has made our lives easier

How the internet has made our lives easier

The Internet

1) It was Sunday afternoon, I had been trying to improve on my writing or I would have already been done with my assignment. I decided I was going to do as my Professor had said and walk away from my work for a while. As I sat at my laptop, reviewing my writing, I heard a loud "pop". Everyone in the house jumped and we all said what was that? Lightening had struck my internet and now it was inoperable. Only nine hours before my work was due, I was almost done trying to perfect it, and now it was all gone.

2) For many years the world has used the internet. In these days in time the world has basically come to rely on the internet. Schools and businesses have made the internet a part of their business. Most households and phones now days have the internet. It has become an everyday part of our lives, either for school, shopping, banking, for business or for pleasure. Some people feel as if they cannot live without it. Has the internet became something we cannot live without? That, I believe, depends on who you are and the type of life you live.

3) The internet makes it possible for you to look up and research anything that you could possibly ever want to know. Imagine if you had a disability that required you to stay hooked up to lots of machines and you could not easily leave your house. All you ever wanted was to see was the oranges, reds, blues, yellows and different colors of the sunset gleaming across the beautiful blue ocean. Now days all you have to do is type in "Google" and then whatever it is that you want to see and the internet makes seeing almost anything possible. With the internet you can see almost anything you like and whenever you want because, "The World Wide Web is a multimedia interface that allows for the transmission of text, pictures, audio, and video together, known as web pages, which commonly resemble pages in a magazine. Together, these various elements have made the Internet a...

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