How to Adjust Outlet of Single Cylinder Cone Crusher

How to Adjust Outlet of Single Cylinder Cone Crusher

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The single cylinder cone crusher is our new type cone crusher. It has its unique features, which is different from others. So you can guess that the single cylinder cone crusher is more and more popular with our customers. However, do you know how to adjust the discharge hole of the single cylinder cone crusher?

When at the bottom of the oil in the pump into the hydraulic oil cylinder, piston within the cylinder is forced upward, upward movement to drive main shaft, for the spacing between inner and outer taper, smaller (discharging) T. In the hydraulic system of single-cylinder cone crusher, the use of a general has two-way work of oil pump, the pump is forward and backward, at the bottom of the hydraulic cylinder of the oil is pumped into or sucked out, so as to make the spindle moves up and down.To achieve this way is very simple, and the control button can easily implement for oil pump and reversing.

When the single cylinder cone crusher is empty to operate, the eccentric sleeve components 'hold' the spindle component and with big gear revolution, after the material into the crushing chamber, the spindle assembly (spindle, inner cone) under the resistance of the material in the eccentric copper set inside a slow rotation.Inner cone trajectory looks back and forth within the crushing cavity, slowly rotating at the same time.The material being swinging the inner cone of extrusion.

The way of adjusting the discharging mouth size of single cylinder cone crusher is in the following: hydraulic cylinder at the bottom of the first function is to adjust the upper and lower position of the spindle, to adjust the moving cone and outer cone spacing between the lining board.The distance becomes crusher discharging granularity is small;The span bigger, discharging granularity is the size of crusher. At the same time, choose different crushing cavity type, choose different eccentric sleeve can change material discharging size. For more information, you can get into...

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