How to Adjust the Kiln Head Burner of Rotary Kiln?

How to Adjust the Kiln Head Burner of Rotary Kiln?

The kiln head burner is an important part of rotary kiln, and the purpose of adjusting the burner is to change the burning speed as well as changing the shape of the flame, and the relationship of the two purposes is close. The methods of adjusting the kiln head burner are listed in the following:

(1) Adjust the total quantity and pressure of the primary air and make sure that the coal-injection duct has sufficient thrust. The thrust of the coal-injection duct refers to the product of the primary blast capacity and primary air speed.

(2) Adjusting the inner diameter of the coal-injection duct and changing the air speed of the exit is the supplement measure to change the thrust of the coal-injection duct.

(3) Adjust the proportion of the internal and external air. The internal air is rotational flow air which can make the flame shorter and thicker; the external air is axial flow air which can make the flame thinner and longer. Generally speaking, when the coal-injection duct goes deep of the kiln, the internal air should be increased; and when the coal-injection duct is pulled out of the kiln, external air should be increased. However, this is not the fixed rule, it should be analyzed according to the specific condition.

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