how to be polite

how to be polite

I grew up in a Christian household, the son of a Presbyterian minister and a devout former Baptist convert to Presbyterianism. I saw all the bullshit in the Church as my Dad was forced out here, forced out there and our family was shuffled all over the Southeast due to "calls" that my Dad received.

So, I know about the dark, evil shadows of "THE CHURCH." I also am aware of the seeming inconsistencies and contradictions in both Church Dogma and in "The Word," which is The Bible.

I have been listening to a discourse on religion, spirituality and the railings against both my whole life. Most recently, the debate over "Intelligent Design" and "Evolution" has come up in regards to science courses in the school systems across the country.

I address this following mental image example to ALL Christians, Atheists, Buddhists, Jews, Taoists, Shintoists, Agnostics, Hindus, Muslims, Rastas, Native American Spiritualists, Confucianists, Wiccans, etc:
Imagine the people of the world are standing in a circle, as though they would if they were going to hold a parachute and bounce a ball around.

The people standing in the West can try to explain, cajole, plead and argue with the people standing in the East that a purple sun is rising in the East. The people standing in the East, facing the people in the West, can argue that there is no way that there is a purple sun rising in the East.

"Everyone knows that the Sun is either orange, red, or yellow, depending on the progression from the horizon."

On the same token, the people standing in the East can try to convince, cajole or twist the people standing in the West that a green sun is setting in the West. The people standing in the West, facing the people standing in the East, might put forth a similar argument about the setting sun that the people standing in the East put forth about the rising sun.

"You are NUTS! There is NO WAY that the setting sun is green. Everyone knows that the Sun is yellow, orange or...

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