How to Be a Good Salesman

How to Be a Good Salesman

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When it all boils down to the basics, the final aim of any business is to sell its product. A company can produce the best product but it will still fail if it is unable to sell the product. This goal of selling their product or service is what drives companies forward. It’s the force that pushes organisations to strive for excellence and beat their competitors. It is the basic principle behind business. A company is only as good as their ability to sell their product. So who sells the product? Who represents this basic principle? The marketing manager, the telemarketer, the door to door salesman all live by need to sell their respective product. They are all sales persons irrespective of their rank or salary and hence, they are all a vital to the success of their company. In order for a company to grow it needs to have good salesperson, and it’s not easy. A good salesperson needs to like people, needs to be aggressive and needs to be very intelligent.

An outgoing extrovert is always the best person for the job. They need a personality that sells their product for them. Basically a people person, with the ability to project their confidence. Shyness will be a huge roadblock in persuading a potential customer. A positive body language and the ability to read the potential customer’s body language will be a strong attribute to posses. In order to build the a good relationship with the customer the salesperson will have to always have to be polite and courteous, irrespective of the customer’s attitude and behaviour. A smile goes a long way in building this relationship. People would not want to buy a product from someone they don’t trust or like. They will give their business to someone they like, who they think deserves it. A happy, outgoing person has a much better chance of succeeding than a grumpy, disgruntled, grim salesperson.
‘Convince, persuade, assert’, these are three words that must be ingrained into the mind of the salesperson....

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