How to be a pro procrastinator

How to be a pro procrastinator

Reflective Paper

How to Become a Pro Procrastinator
“This weekend is it,” I tell myself a week ago, “I am going to once and for all tackle my procrastination problem and get some work done.” But it turns out I never got around to it. By Sunday at 10:00 pm I realized I had blown it again. I would much rather be watching a pointless YouTube video or playing a very productive (in my eyes) video game than doing the homework that’s due the following day. Throughout the week I feel like I barely have enough time to conquer assignments as well as feed myself and satisfy the nerd inside whose only friend is the internet. So I always lean towards the weekend, telling myself that I’ll have two whole days to finally get some work done and get ahead. That’s all I need, just one weekend where I dedicate its time to school.
But the weekends go by and I never catch up. I don’t use time well, especially when there are plenty of little blue, red, and green eyes staring at me every time I enter my room. “Play with us” they say, “Turn us on and let us reel you away from reality.” Sometimes I do sit down early in the day after classes and pound something out, but then I give myself a “well-deserved” break and that’s usually the end of any productivity. Before dinner I tell myself I’ll get some work done after dinner… then after dinner I will somehow travel into the future. It’ll be 11:00 so I decide I’ll get an early start tomorrow and get some work done then. At some point and time an assignment in which I have been putting off for a while, will miraculously be due the following day. At this point, the stress will start to build up and I will actually get some work done. The work usually turns out to be half-ass and for some reason I tell myself “It’s ok, at least it’s done.”

Pro·cras·ti·na·tion (n) - the action of delaying or postponing something.

In this short reflective essay, I will briefly explain how to be a procrastinator for in fact I am a pro...

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