How to Brief a Legal Research Memoranda

How to Brief a Legal Research Memoranda

Assignment #1: Legal Research Memoranda

Law and Ethics for School Leadership

The inequalities in the United State within our communities remain unresolved. Laws emerge for a particular setting or situation which later it is adapted to other areas that was not required in the beginning. The case of Plessy vs. Ferguson that relates for train’s seating was the start of segregation. This federal law was implemented in areas that were not attended to be use such as restroom, water fountain and public facilities. As an immigration of the 2nd generation, I never lived through the hardship that many black African American lived. I wonder how these laws affect the Native American, Latino and Asian when it came to the use of public facilities. This equal but separate law was not totally right. Because it only serves of the white community and secondary serves were given only color community. .

The Plessy vs. Ferguson case affect the public school education by creating separate location of schools within white and color community. The term used as color community was really gear toward African American or Negro in the early 20th century. Black students walked to remote location, school with used textbook and inadequate facility. The African American community was mostly focus on work rather than education in the beginning of the century. Teachers were predominately black due to many came from the arm forces after the civil war and were educated they become the role model of their community. Despite the Plessy vs. Ferguson was not a federal law much rather a state law, this law became a standard for 50 years. Many Negro were able to create a sustainable economy within their community and became a mini money market in downtown NYC.

Change was coming to a changing U.S. society in mid-20th century. The case of Brown vs. BOE opens greater opportunity to African American and other immigrants. Students could...

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