How to Bring Apple Back to the Top

How to Bring Apple Back to the Top

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How to Bring Apple Back to the Top
September 26, 2013

How to Bring Apple Back to the Top
On June 27, 2007 Apple released the first generation iPhone. Apple had revolutionized a number of their products prior to the iPhone. The iPod was the most popular electronic for personal entertainment for years. At the release of the original iPhone, Apple saw a similar effect on the cell phone industry. There was not another phone on the market that had a virtual keyboard, the ability to receive HTML e-mail and a full web browser. However, the honeymoon for Apple did not last long. The iPhone is no longer leading the industry. This paper will examine possible options of what Apple can do to again become the leader in the smart phone industry.
Hypotheses and Question
The major dilemma for Apple is losing business to the Android market. The first research question is what is making customers switch to Android? The iPhone has lost its edge in the market over the last couple years. One example of this is the Samsung that runs on the Android platform. According to Spoonauer (2013), “The iPhone 5 catches up to the S4 in most ways with iOS 7, but Samsung’s device still has an edge in terms of personalization” (Interface and Software). With the limited evidence provided, one hypothesis is that consumers are switching to Androids because of the enhanced software designed for personalization. There are more than two variables that make up this hypothesis. For example, defining what features are superior between the two phones. The researcher may be biased based on what features and options he or she may prefer. Another variable is the financial impact the different devices have on the consumer. After reviewing the possible variables the research question is defined as what parts of Android software is superior, and are customers switching products because of it?

Research Design
The next important step is planning out the project. According to Cooper &...

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