How to Cope with Stress

How to Cope with Stress

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How to cope with stess.
The XXI century has introduced some new pathologies d illnesses to the new style of life of the human beings. Nowadays, citizens are always rushing from one place to another. The lack of time to eat well and the fact that they sleep few hours increment the number of diseases. The main illness that affects and threatens human beings health is called STRESS.

Stress is caused by sudden changes such as mental, physical or emotional. A survey in La Nacion, sep 2005, said that 40% of citizens worries are based on emotional situation and that a 30% is mental which then, this mental stress, is transfer to th body physically.
The highest percentage of situations that can lead citizens to a stress break down can be money problems, legal problems, dirvorce and job change. These were the most painful situations considered by a survey in 2001 by Clarin newspaper.

Nowadays citizens have waken up and are aware of the consequencies that stress has brought. The main signs that one should take into account to realize if one is suffering from stress are: anxiety, sleep dsiruption, sadness, fatigue or similar physical symptoms. Human beings have to calm down and try to relax because if stress persists more serious illnesses may affect you.

One way to cope with stress is to accept that one cannot controll everything. Sometimes we want to do several things at the same time in few hours and we put ourselves under pressure. People should learn to relax and take things with another philosophy. 8o% of Yoga teachers recommend exercises of relaxation and breathing to be able to control anxiety. Physical exercises are highly adviced by doctors. In addition, to avoid getting stresses, eating well and a good sleep always help.

In conclution, although globalization has changed our way of living and in our present times we are always popping from one place to another, we have to calm down and take control of our life. For a healthy environment, for a...

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