How to decrease the pollution of energy giving

How to decrease the pollution of energy giving

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´╗┐How to decrease the pollution of energy giving
The topic of this essay is about power and energy. People cannot exist without power and energy. Power and energy are the most important things for human beings. Light bulb needs energy to light. Train and airplane can not move without power. Those machines in the factory also need energy to work. If people want to boil water, watch TV or play computer game, they all need power. In the past 100 years, fossil energy is the most popular energy. People burning fossil fuel to get power in a very vast field. And the problem is coming, how can people improve the efficiency of energy using with less pollution. In order to determine the best approach to solving the problem, this essay will discuss the cause and effects of this problem. In the next paragraph, the details of the problem will be expressed. After that, two electric technology solutions will be showed in the body paragraphs.

In the early 19 century, the industrial revolution began. And the steam engine became a very important part of that times. After that, a large amount of machine were created to improve the work efficiency[1]. These machines have a common trait, they all provide power by burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels burning can emit a large amount of greenhouse gases. A greenhouse gas is a kind of gas that can traps heat in the earth's atmosphere[2]. For example,methane, carbon dioxide and Freon, they are all greenhouse gases, they can cause global warming and air pollution. Fossil energy is a kind of non-renewable energy. Electric energy is renewable energy[3]. People can not use fossil energy for a very long time, but they can use electric energy forever.

This section is talking about solutions. There are two electronic technology solutions, and these two solutions can be used to solve this problem. The first solution is using electric vehicle to replace traditional car. The second solution named...

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