How to do the stopping work for metal crusher?

How to do the stopping work for metal crusher?

Scrap metal crusher, which is also known as metal crushing machine, cans crusher machine, belongs to environmentally friendly machinery, which can be divided into various types according to different metal materials to be crushed. The common scrap metal crusher machines are scrap steel crusher, cans crusher, paint bucket crusher and so on according to different special disposal methods. But ido you know How to Do the Stopping Work for Metal Crusher?

1, the crushed material should be carefully check, shall not be mixed with stones, metal and other foreign bodies, so as not to damage the Scrap metal crusher machine.

2, metal crushing machine operation, the operator shall not be allowed to leave the unit, also may not be in the running teardown to observe the working condition of crushing chamber, maintenance tools shall not be on the machine or packing.

3, operators don't wear gloves, congestion occurs, it is strictly prohibited to hand in the packing in the bucket, feeding of Scrap metal crusher should be standing on the mill profile, in case the rebound sundry injured facial.

Can Crusher

4, don't stop immediately after work, Scrap metal crusher should be idle for 2-3 minutes, so that the machine within the material discharge completely.Should be cleaned after downtime, maintenance work.

5, yuantong metal hammer crusher is the main wearing parts, after wear both in same direction change the edges and back edges and switch to switch at the same time, the whole set of hammer when changing the hammer will change at the same time, a complete set of hammer hammer can't use a single piece of rollover.Screen surface is wearing parts, such as part of the screen surface is damaged, can fill riveting, severe damage to the need to change a new screen.

6, mill operation after 300 hours, to clean the bearing, oil change.When parking for a long time, remove belt.

Of course, maybe my summary is not comprehensive. And we also have other mining machines,...

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