How to Exclude Common Faults of Sand Drying Machine?

How to Exclude Common Faults of Sand Drying Machine?

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Sand dryer is also knwon as river sand dryer machine, it si efficient combination dryers. Using the latest European energy saving technology, clamp type structure. Inside the cylinder, cylinder and cylinder form a since the insulation structure. Special thermal design idea, the elimination of wind tunnel heat loss, increase the heat exchange area and unit volume evaporation intensity, good energy saving effect. In line with international to create environmentally friendly, resources economical society policy, is replacing traditional dryer equipment of environmental protection energy-saving products. The river sand drying equipment is used for drying sand, yellow sand, slag, clay and other raw materials, this type industrial dryer is widely used in building materials, chemical industry, foundry industry, etc, which can adapt to a variety of fuels such as coal, oil and gas.

River sand dryer is handling a large amount of material dryer, large production capacity, wide applicable range, small flow resistance, easy to operate, often used for drying sand, river sand, slag, coal cinder, quartz sand, etc. today explains to clients the river sand dryer machine in the production of common failures and troubleshooting methods, the hope can give customers now.

1, after drying of material moisture content is greater than the specified value, the elimination method is to control the production capacity of river sand dryer machine, increase or reduce the supply of heat.

2, rolling ring of swinging cylinder operation, the reason is that roller ring joint concave profile no clamping, eliminating method is to use plate roller ring and concave joints in uniform and clamping, appropriate prevent tight and prone to accidents.

3, big gear and small gear meshing clearance is destroyed, the reason is that a. b. tug wear gear wheel wear c. small gear wear of river sand dryer machine elimination method is according to the wear condition for turning or replacement, also can be...

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