How to Freewrite

How to Freewrite

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Are you having trouble finding thoughts to put down on paper? It is important not to hold back ideas and thoughts when you are writing essays. Free writing is a huge asset for writing creatively. When I started, free writing really helped me out. Free writing is really easy to do too; almost anyone can do it. Another bonus is that the more information you have, the more you will have to work with in your essay.

Censoring yourself is a bad writing habit to get into. It makes you write less efficiently. You will write slower and have less to write with. Frustration will result because you will try too hard to write something good. In the end, your writing will become un-creative and flat.

When you free write, you can make sure that every idea is on paper. The more ideas you have, the more you will have to work with on the final paper. Because you have more to work with, you will write faster. It actually becomes easier to write because you will not be trying to “think” of what to write.

To start to free write, just write whatever comes to mind. The important part is not to censor yourself. Let your thoughts make connections to new thoughts. Let your mind freely associate. Do not judge your thoughts that that come to mind. Wait until your thoughts are actually on paper before you judge them.

I hope that this essay can help somebody out there who has trouble writing. Free writing helped me when I had trouble writing. You will find free writing it very easy to do. I hope that you had the same good experience that I did when I started to free write!

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