How to Fund a Non-Profit Book Fair

How to Fund a Non-Profit Book Fair

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How to Fund a Non-Profit Community Book Festival
Team A
University of Phoenix
COMM /215
Week 5
September 23, 2008

The University of Phoenix Charity Foundation is a nonprofit organization that promotes literacy and continued learning. A community book festival is both educational and entertaining. The festival will host reading-related exhibitors and food vendors. The festival will include a host of activities and performances.

Fund a Nonprofit Community Book Festival
The University of Phoenix Charity Foundation (a nonprofit organization) in Greenbelt, Maryland is hosting its first literary event, the goal of which to raise funds to support libraries and literacy programs in Prince George’s County, Maryland. The UOP Charity Foundation Book Festival offers extensive publicity to the community of Greenbelt and the surrounding area. The Book Festival will be at Greenbelt fairgrounds on the first Saturday of November 2008.
Local community leaders support The Greenbelt Book Festival. The foundation will hold the festival at Historic Greenbelt Regional Park, a large, open park, which will be transformed into a village like environment of large, enclosed tents each housing a literary venue.
Open Access
The Greenbelt Book Festival is a one-day festival that offers programming for all ages with free admission. The University of Phoenix Charity Foundation is committed to the following: providing a positive literacy experience for all ages and family demographics in the Greenbelt, Maryland and beyond; encompassing our community’s diverse cultures through partnerships and collaborations; incorporating entertainment; and yielding a favorable and positive impact for the community.
The University of Phoenix Charity Foundation is a 501(c) (3) corporation that began as a group of concerned parents and transitioned to a community-based volunteer organization. The Greenbelt...

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