How to Improve rotary kiln calcination production capacity

How to Improve rotary kiln calcination production capacity

Great Wall engineers do the optimized design for rotary kiln,we are on basis of long time analysis,Great Wall company considers the rotation has close relationship with rotary kiln calcination production capacity.we apply the new type rotary kiln head and kiln tail sealing technologies, which can reduce the cool air volume in kiln head and kiln tail.Great Wall company innovates the rotation sensor in rotary kiln, which has greatly effected the density distribution in kiln cylinder.The innovation can accelerate the mixing speed of volatilization and air,which can make full use of the fuel so as to improve calcination capacity.

Due to the enlargement of the rotary kiln preheater diameter,which reduces the flue gas velocity in rotary kiln preheater sealing ring, and decrease the flue gas into the powder feed rate of the combustion chamber, therefore the rotary kiln improves the recovery efficiency.In order to strengthen the rotation speed of rotary kiln,we can substitute manual operation by automation,so that rotary kiln reduces the deflection of manual operation.On the premise of stability and calcined burning quality,rotary kiln rotation accelerates calcination production capacity.

Great Wall Company mainly provides all kinds of large and medium sized grinding mills , crushers, rotary kilns and dryers for the area of construction materials, metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, environmental protection etc. The products are sold well both in domestic and abroad, especially in Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, North and South America, Oceania and so on.

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