How to install PY series cone crusher?

How to install PY series cone crusher?

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PY series Cone crushers is type of Great Wall Heavy Industry Company, which has three types: PYB, PYD and PYZ. The installation is chosen PYB cone crusher, so it is a reference for other manufacturer.

Installation instructions
(1) Check the number of the parts before installation. Check and make sure there is no damage to the surface of the parts and the thread during transportation and clean the protect painting and the dust or dirty materials on the parts.
(2) When installation, smear some dry oil on the fixed surface , and smear some thin oil on the movable surface.
(1) The crusher should be installed on concrete base. The depth of the concrete is determined by the local soil conditions.
(2) To prevent the rocks piling, there should be enough space under the base for transmission equipment.
(3) To protect the base, there should be protection board put on the base. Clients prepare it themselves.
(4) We provide foundation diagram only for reference, not for foundation construction.
(5) The position of lubrication system and electric controlling system can be changed according to different environment, but the sequence cannot be changed.

Installation of the frame
(1) Strictly vertical and horizontal requirements must be ensured when installing the frame. Use the gradienter and suspender to check the central line of the bottom base on the ring surface.
(2) After adjusting the bottom base with the adjustment wedge, fasten the ground bolt and start the second grouting.
(3) When the second grouting is fixed, withdraw the wedge from the bottom of the crusher and fill the gap with concrete. Then, check under the condition of frame installation (1).
(4) Keep the bottom base vertical and horizontal. Make sure the machine operate properly, otherwise, the copper sleeve will be unevenly touched, the eccentric bushing will be worn and the sealing device will be out of work.

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