How to Live Before You Die -Steve Jobbs

How to Live Before You Die -Steve Jobbs

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Daphne S. Dela Cruz

“How to Live Before You Die”

Words can’t express how amazed I am by Steve Jobs’s , “How to Live Before You Die” speech. His story and the words he inputted into the fifteen minute speech made me realize, how important it is to really do what you love. From starting from when he was born to creating MAC, to getting fired from something that he started, to the reason why it was a good reason that he got fired which help lead to his success, and to finally his near death experience just overwhelmed me with thoughts about me and not only my future but my whole life: Past, present, and future. After listening to his speech I’m currently asking myself, “What did I do in my past that I can use for my future?”, “What are the useless things I went through that I believe I won’t use in my future?” “What are the things I love to do that will make my future?” When Steve Jobs explained why he dropped out of College because it wasn’t this thing, I ‘ll go deep on this part … I realized that I can’t live my life the way my parents want me to live it in other words I have to do things that will make me happy not them, I love my parents unconditionally but they have their life with being married for twenty-three years, they have three children: my older brother, myself, and my younger sister and they’ve been through so much in life that they’re already almost in the age where they should be living without me and my older brother but they had my younger sister late in their age , I realized I’m a small girl but I’m an adult already and I have to make my life better for me and my plans with making my life better for me includes making them proud of me it’s just won’t be “their” way. The only reason I’m still on island is because my mother didn’t want me to go off island, and what did I do? I stayed because knowing that I got accepted into other colleges off island was a great feeling but the things about college is it is so expensive and...

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