How to Maintain Roll Crusher to Get Longer Lifetime?

How to Maintain Roll Crusher to Get Longer Lifetime?

Roll crusher, also called roller crusher, is a classical crushing machine with simple structure and less over crushing phenomenon. It can perform medium and fine crushing on medium-hard and soft ores. Roller crusher can be divided into double roll crusher, teeth roller crusher, four roller crusher, etc.

It is necessary for the operator to regularly check the condition of the cooling system preventing device overload working at lower or higher temperature preventing. The normal working time is that the device reaches a certain temperature.The corrosive also has effects on roller crusher lifetime. Due to the corrosion caused by rain, snow, and air pollution on roller crusher, the user should take effective measures to reduce the impact of chemical corrosion according to the weather and air pollution conditions.Impurity affects roller crusher lifetime in some extent.

According to a long-term survey, when the lubricating oil impurity increases to 0.15% , the degree of wear of the piston will increase 2.5 times and when impurity particles moves into the bearing, the life of the roller crusher will be reduced to 80 percent to 90 % which is a little different from cone crusherand jaw crusher. The main impurities in general means dust, dirt or other non-metal material and mechanical shavings , wear debris and other metals at work.As can be seen from the above, the impact factors of roller crusher lifetime are often small, which can not see the effects in a short time. But it will greatly reduce the life of roller crusher in the long term. The roller crusher technical staff of Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. remind the users that only by doing maintenance work as well as possible can we extend the life of the equipment.

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