How to Make Maize Flour Cake by Maize Milling Machine

How to Make Maize Flour Cake by Maize Milling Machine

There are around 4,000 kinds of maize flour recipes in the foreign market. Maize flour recipes have been a trend in keeping healthy, anti-aging and anti-cancer. According to a science research, noodle and pasta made of 1/3 maize flour, 1/3 wheat flour and the left 1/3 soybean meal contains 7-8 times nutrition than the pure maize flour, wheat flour or soybean meal. Here we will give you information of how to make maize flour recipes cake by MAIZE MILLING MACHINE.

First: we should get all ingredients prepared.

Ingredients: three blows of maize flour by maize milling machine, 2 blows of salt, a half spoon of break crumbs, 1/4 bowls of milk, one and a half bowl of water and 1/3 melted cream.

Second: Let’s make maize flour recipes cake. Mix white maize flour, salt and bread crumbs with fresh milk and water until a dough without lumps forms. Then, put it aside for 10 minutes. Add the melted cream until dough is expanded to twice as big. And make dough into a right angle flake with 12cm length and 12cm width. Then, put it on the ovenware covered with oil.

Third: all preparation work is done after the fist two steps. Put the ovenware into oven for around 20 minutes. After 20 minutes a plate of crispy and tasty maize flour recipes cakes are ready and taste great with tomato sauce or fruit sauce.

So ,why not buy a maize milling machine at home? Then you can make various maize food by your self.

The development of modern technology has largely accelerated the production rate of maize flour, saved a lot of time and energy. It is not a tricky problem anymore. Maize flour and other processed products contain much chemical additive such as brightening agent, antioxidant and others that is harmful to our body. Some inferior maize flour even mixes brick power citron yellow in order to get an attractive color, which is poison to our liver in long terms. Get a maize milling machine at home can totally prevent these from your healthy life. Compared to the ready...

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