How to Make Money Online as a Transcriber

How to Make Money Online as a Transcriber

´╗┐How to Make money Online as a Transcriber.

If I told you I knew the secrets to making money online as a transcriber, would you stop and read this article? Well, I do, so, if you're trying to make ends meet but have absolutely no idea where to begin, I suggest you stop what you're doing and read this article.

First of all transcription is the art of changing audio to speech. There are a number of transcription companies that one can sign up with. Here are a few of them.
1. Rev - This is one of the best transcription companies ever. Rev pays $30 dollars an audio hour, which roughly translates to $0.50 per audio minute.
2. Transcribe me - Transcribe me is another good company that pays $20 an audio hour, which is $0.33 per audio minute, they have small audio files of about 1 minute each.
3. Transcription hub - This company is not as famous as Rev, GoTranscript, or Speechpad. They have different levels of transcribers, they include bronze, silver and gold. The higher your rank, the more you earn with transcription hub.
4. GoTranscript - This is one of my all time favorite transcription companies. With a flow of good audios, you can be assured to get work and they pay between $0.20-0.50 per audio minute.
5. Speech pad - Speech pad pays between $0.25-$0.40. You need to have a high typing speed to be able to submit your work on time, otherwise your payment will be withheld.

The best part about this websites is that, once you have a high and a steady rating, you automatically become eligible for an editor position. All you have to do is sit down, concentrate and ace your editor exam. Editors earn way more than transcribers and, to me, they get the easy part, while we the transcribers do the tough part. But, oh well, as long as it pays us well and on time right? Anyway, I do hope that this article has helped you and that you have already signed up to start earning money.

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