how to manage organization

how to manage organization

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Nowadays, with globalization increasing, organizational culture becomes more and more important to organizations. People discover that all successful organizations have their own organizational culture which can prove their business. Organizational culture has a significant impact to promote the development of management practice and enrich management theory.

“The first systematic concept of organizational culture was represented in 1980s by Deal and Kennedy. They research 80 organizations for 6 months to write the book which named Corporate Cultures: The Rites And Rituals Of Corporate Life. It became classic work to define organizational culture” (Hatch, 1997, p. 218 ). According to their theory, organizational culture is very import and there are several reasons which cause the concept of organizational culture appear, firstly, the development of productivity. Many new types of equipment are used, management of organization is changing, those changes require fresh concept. Secondly, office employee increased in percentage of labor. They need more respect when they are working. Thirdly, with intensifying competition, the innovation and motivation of employees become more and more important; organization should encourage more suitable values such as innovation, service and reputation. Fourthly, more and more multinational corporations expand which allow many employees from different countries and different races to work together. Organizations need offer new rules to solve barrier of cross culture (Hosfstede & Kolman, 2003).

This research report aims discusses how to manage organizational culture through explanation of organizational culture definition, discuss its functions and analyze its impact on operation.

This essay will follow this structure. Firstly, it defines organizational culture base on the research. Secondly, it represents three level of organizational culture. Thirdly, it discusses the some functions of organizational...

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