How to Mix

How to Mix

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How to Mix and be a DJ

DJs track down greatness in music and squeeze it together. Like a master chef who picks just one perfect cherry from each tree to make his pie, a DJ condenses the work and talent of hundreds of musicians into a single concentrated performance .To Become a good disk jockey , you just have to follow these simple rules that will surely make you a successful DJ.

Your Job starts at the record store, not on the decks. Your worth as a DJ begins and ends with what’s on your shelves and in your bag. For every overpaid hour in a club, a good DJ spends days, months, and years picking out tunes and learning about music. Always keep in mind “Is it great music?” “Will it work on the dance floor?” “Does it fit my style?”Those are some great questions to ask yourself when it comes to picking out music.

Once you have your track list, you will need your equipment.
it’s pricey, but go for the best stuff you can afford .Decent decks are essential; spend as much as you can on turntables and then sort out the rest of your gear with the money left over.

You will need at least two turntables , either vinyl or cd.Two cartridges(with needles) and two slip mats if you want to scratch. You will need a pair of headphones and a mixer but
more importantly you will need a decent sound system which consist of speakers and an amplifier.

Now that you have everything setup all you need to learn is the is how to beatmatch.Beat Match is basically making two tracks blend with each other in exact synchronization. That’s what it all comes down because your job as a dj is to keep playing music and changing tracks with out anyone noticing , and that’s where beatmatching comes into play.
On your first deck your playing the song that’s playing on the speakers which is what everyone else is hearing.This is Track “A”. While on the second deck your got got the next track you want to play.This is track “B” .That’s where your headphones come into use. The goal is to use...

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