How to Not Pay for Drinks at a Bar

How to Not Pay for Drinks at a Bar

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Suzanne Hervi
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How To Not Pay for Drinks At a Bar

It’s a real trick of the trade to not have to pay for a single drink at a bar now a days. Some say its one of the easiest things to do, while some strike out and have a huge tab to pay at the end of the night. But if you listen to a few tricks I have learned along the way, you should be able to get away with never paying for a drink at a bar, guy or girls. First, get to know the staff, second, lay on the charm, and thirdly, find the “money drinker”.
The first and best way to not have to pay for drinks is to get to know the staff. Nothing will get you free drinks at a bar quicker than becoming friends with the bartenders, bouncers, wait staff, or the owner of the establishment. These are the people who control the flow of the drinks throughout the evening and getting on their good side can lead you to free drinking. It’s easier if you go to a bar that your family has been going to for a long time, because it’s more likely that they know everyone there. And who knows if you’re looking for a side job they may offer you a position at their establishment. That’s also another way to never have to pay for drinks if you’re an employee, but I’m not going to get into that in this paper.
Another trick of the trade is to lay the charm on thick. Whether you're male or female, getting free drinks from the opposite sex as a gesture of good will is a definite possibility. Try to be as charming as possible and flirt the night away. If you charm someone enough you might get an entire night of drinks at the bar free of charge. If you are a woman and have all your limbs intact, then it shouldn’t be too hard to flirt your way into a free drink. While this method may not do much for your reputation and can get a bit hairy at times, just know your limits. Laying on the charm thick is a sure thing for drinking while you are a broke college student. However, for men, this method is a bit...

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