How to Overcome Shyness

How to Overcome Shyness

Christian H. Godefroy


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How to overcome your shyness and develop your courage
How often have you found yourself trembling, heart pounding, legs weak, cheeks on fire, when facing a colleague or your boss, a teacher or a traffic cop, or simply a person of the opposite sex? Shyness can be paralyzing at any age. It causes bizarre anxieties, nightmares, indigestion and, when the occasion to be strong and affirmative has passed, infinite regrets. Do you thing you’re beyond hope? If you do, you’re wrong. Shyness can be treated. You might not be aware that most psychologists who have published works on the subject, were at one time very shy themselves. Who is more likely to be interested in shyness, and write hundreds of pages about it, than a person who is shy! Those who have never suffered from shyness are incapable of understanding to what point it can ruin our lives and make us unhappy. Self assurance, confidence and ease of expression are the main qualities of a magnetic personality. If being shy is forcing you to hide

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behind a shell, then you’re missing out on many of the beauties of existence. Throw away your shell, and learn to live a full and satisfying life!

What kind of shy person are you?
This is no joke. There are varying degrees and numerous types of shyness.

This test will tell you what category you belong to:
1. You’re invited to a party with thirty other people. You only know one of them: ❑ a) You don’t...

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