How To Overhaul Cone Crusher?

How To Overhaul Cone Crusher?

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Description:During the use of the crusher machine, if the machine is periodically inspected, to detect

problems in the machine, the replacement of parts timely, could help extend the life of the sand making

machine to ensure efficiency and quality of production operations of the machine, which reduces

economic losses, and will create more great value.
The overhaul of wear parts:
Inspection contents of the movable portion of the cone:
Spindle and the drogue contact points: If you find there is worn cracks 3mm and above, you shall

replace the spindle promptly. The downside ore body moving cone ring part: downside ore body moving

cone ring moiety ring if worn over high half the time it must repair welding steel.
Body: When the contact at the spherical body or the body of the lower cone and liner wear more than

4mm and above, the body should be replaced.
The overhaul of eccentric sleeve:
When the eccentric sleeve outer conical wear more than 3mm, it must be replaced.
Linear bushing and the eccentric shaft space is too large: when the gap between them is more than

double the original assembly or when the gap between the straight liner cracks, cracks, or more than one

third of the height of the perimeter, linear bushing should be replaced .
Gap between the upper sleeve and the spindle is too large: when the gap upper sleeve and the spindle

assembly gap of more than double the original or have severe cracks should be replaced.
Gear is worn: When the cone gear tooth wear thicker than 20 per cent shall be promptly replaced.

Eccentric shaft, eccentric lower end of the thrust bearing pads, uneven wear or deviation more than 0.1

mm thickness of 5 mm or more worn, it should be replaced.
Regular inspection:
In order to maintain the performance of cone crusher, you should establish a regular maintenance

system, regular maintenance systems include minor repairs, repair and overhaul.

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