How to Play Sci – Damaths ?

How to Play Sci – Damaths ?

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( SCI = Science, DAMA = Pinoy checker board, MATHS = Mathematics )


Introduction 1Rules of the Sci - Damaths 3Special moves and score 4What is Sci - Damaths? 5Construction of standard Board Sci - damaths board and chips 6Notation 7Powers of the chips 8How to use the board? 11Sci-Damaths operation 12Writing moves 13Scoresheets 14Notes 15Chips 17 | Counting Damaths 21Whole Damaths 23Fraction Damaths 25Integer Damaths 27Rational Damaths 29Radical Damaths 31Polynomial Damaths 33Binary Damathan 35Best move Water patrol Dama 37Power patrol sci - dama 39Electro sci - dama 41Dama Sci - notation 43THI Sci - Dama 45Thermo Sci – Dama 47 |


Board games used for a number of educational purposes, as have been proven to help stimulate the minds of children in a fun and informative way. Learning things like conservation of energy, mathematical operations can be difficult for young children, usually depending on their age and the amount of attention they have received on the object. It has also been long proven that most children have a better time learning skills when they are presented in a fun, interactive format, and giving educational math board games on which to make their stand. Sci - Damaths ( Sci = Science, Dama = Pinoy game checker board, maths = mathematics) is one such board game which helps children to easily begin to master the skills of basic math and energy conservation. The game plays out across a table, much like Pinoy typical game DAMA . There are 24 chips in each set of the game, which come in editions for each basic math & science skill. Some set focus on addition, while others help players learn their addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills. The easy format helps any player to adapt quickly to the game and with a fun, slightly competitive atmosphere; the learning aspect of the game may even go entirely...

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