How to Prevent Chimney Smoke from Cement Rotary Kiln?

How to Prevent Chimney Smoke from Cement Rotary Kiln?

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A lot of rotary kiln in ignition, preheater exhaust chimney smoke, this shows that the kiln before feeding incomplete combustion of fuel.This shows that the operator does not accurately under different temperature in the early years of the ignition spray oil or coal, and cooperate with the requirements of air flow in. Appear this kind of phenomenon is very dangerous, so should be handled in a timely manner. Deal with the problem before, it is necessary to analysis the reasons for this phenomenon.Not complete combustion of fuel oil or coal stockpile in preheater, even to certain parts of the dust collector, when reach a certain concentration and temperature, intense combustion occurs caused the explosion.

And a lot of smoke is not an accident, because of excessive exhaust air has always been, which reduces the not burning fuel stockpile concentration, to prevent the accidents.In dealing with this kind of phenomenon, the first operators to understand the ignition smoke is very dangerous, and the more understand not oil coal consumption, the temperature rises quickly. Secondly, on the operation, to prevent the danger from cement rotary kiln, to do the following requirements:

1) the original amount and the feed coal must since the childhood, gradually increase.In air volume and reasonable conditions, every time before refueling coaling, first to check whether has joined the fuel combustion completely. Check way as observed in the kiln head flame formation condition, the CO content of waste analyzer shows, observe the color of preheater chimney discharged waste gas, etc.When found a black smoke, should immediately reduce fuel feed rate.

2) adjust the corresponding use air volume and fuel consumption. First of all to adjust a fan with air volume, shut down the center of the air duct with the wind. At the beginning of the ignition in cement rotary kiln (, the control of the exhaust air preheater is...

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