How to recover unsaved office documents

How to recover unsaved office documents

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How to recover that un-saved Microsoft Office Excel, Word, or PowerPoint file
you closed before saving
Have you ever started a new Microsoft Office Excel, Word, or PowerPoint file and been getting pretty far along when you
accidentally close the document before saving it (or lose power and the computer shuts down, etc.)? Here’s a helpful little
tip for any of you out there that happen to find yourself in the situation I did this morning. In my case, I was building a
large Excel spreadsheet and went to go delete a tab (while multi-tasking) and just after I clicked the “confirm” box, realized
I just confirmed to close my whole Excel sheet without saving it, not just to delete my single tab. Ouch!!
Of course the Excel guru who normally sits relatively close to me was off in a meeting somewhere and I certainly didn’t
want to start this whole project over, especially since this is for a 1:00 meeting today. I know, I know… Save, save, save
as you go. Usually I do but today I didn’t. So now what?!!? Here is where Microsoft Office 2010 saved the day (and
several hours of work!)
Microsoft Office has a fantastic feature built in where it can recover unsaved new documents (just in case you do what I
did)! Now in order to use this feature, you will need to have Save AutoRecover information... and Keep the last
autosaved version if I close without saving enabled inside Microsoft Office. (If you’re not sure if you do, I have included
the steps to enable this at the bottom of this post).
Here are the steps to take to recover your unsaved new document in Microsoft Office Excel, Work, or PowerPoint 2010 if
you inadvertently close it before saving it:

1. Open the Office 2010 applications that you were using.
2. Click the File tab.
3. Click Recent.
4. Click Recover Unsaved Documents if you are in Word 2010, Recover Unsaved Workbooks if you are in Excel
2010 or Recover Unsaved Presentations if you are in PowerPoint 2010.

1. Your saved...

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