How to reduce obesity?

How to reduce obesity?

Obesity is the problem which is on the increase around the world. However, there are a number of effective measures exist to tackle this problem.

The most important way is to educate general public. Many of them are completely unknown about what to eat to stay healthy. Consequently, they are eating more junk or processed food rather than fresh home-made food. These kind of eating habit may lead to the obesity. If the government educate its citizen about healthy way of consume food and product, they will eat a well-balanced diet,and as a result,obesity will be reduced dramatically.

Another important step is parents should be more responsible towards their children. They should not, for instance,buy sugary or fat product for their children. Parents seem very busy these days, and they do not have spare time to cook healthy dishes for their children at home. It is very convenient for them to buy sweet and frozen product from supermarket, but they can be cause of child obesity. This issue can easily be avoided by making parents responsible to their children. Therefore, parents should not be irresponsible and provide appropriate nutritious food their children to reduce obesity.

Persuading people to change their life style is yet another important course of action to tackle obesity. People are doing less exercise or they become less interested in playing sports. Instead,they are becoming couch potatoes and spending their leisure time just in front of TV. This habit is causing fat on human body. To reduce obesity and stay healthy, people should change the way they live and manage time for some sorts of physical exercise.

In conclusion, obesity can easily be tackled provided that general public are educated. Moreover, responsibility of parents and living active lifestyle are also equally important to reduce obesity.

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