How to Safeguard Hydraulic System of Cone Crusher

How to Safeguard Hydraulic System of Cone Crusher

From the working principle of the hydraulic cone crusher, we can see that the hydraulic system of this cone crusher may take place some faults in its working process, so we should know something about how to maintain the hydraulic system.

The ways of safeguarding the hydraulic system of cone crusher are as follows:

(1) according to the provisions of the cone crusher must be based on the hydraulic system and components manufacturer specific provisions and requirements, if the used for generation of oil, is as much as possible meet the performance requirements for the original brand oil (3) different type of hydraulic oil mix of avoid by all means.

(2) using close tank, the tank's installation has certain precision air filter.

(3) in the process of using, should prevent moisture, emulsion.Dust.Fiber impurities and other mechanical impurities of shooting.

(4) hydraulic cone crushing machine oil must be properly the amount of oil.Hydraulic oil tank of the oil in the pipe system and components after full of oil, shall be maintained within the prescribed scope of oil level.

(5) components, piping and systems in person before use, must be strict to clean.

(6) during fuel must be strictly filtered.Regularly check the oil filter, found dirty to replace.

(7) periodically check the hydraulic oil quality, maintain the cleanness of the hydraulic oil.Inspects the quality of the hydraulic oil, mainly check the following three aspects of content: (1) hydraulic cone crusher ( Oil oxidation degree of hydraulic oil in use, due to the changes of temperature, oxygen in the air and the action of sunlight, will gradually be oxidation, make its properties, such as viscosity change.(2) hydraulic cone crushing the degree of moisture content in the oil in the hydraulic oil if mix water, will reduce its lubrication performance, corrosion of metal.

(8) replacing broken oil hydraulic cone, note should be in the machinery had...

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