How to Save the World

How to Save the World

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Dmitry Orlov on Collapse: Dmitry describes what is happening with the increasingly dysfunctional, impotent and fractured US administration, and how it echoes the Soviet Union before its collapse. Must reading. Excerpt:

The way collapse unfolds is actually very interesting because a lot of it has to do with people’s faith in the status quo. As long as people think that there’s something in it for them, they will cooperate. As soon as they decide that there is nothing in it for them, they will cease to cooperate and the system starts to crumble, cave in on itself. So what we saw in the Soviet Union was a political dysfunction where basically the communist regime was so endemically corrupt and so out to steal as much as they could at the very end that they really didn’t even bother paying attention to whether they kept the system going, the system was basically on autopilot until it crashed. Something similar is happening here where we have people in all branches of government, both political parties, really trying to prop up the financial industry which has really become completely irrelevant to most people in the United States who don’t have savings and are not credit worthy. They’re basically trying to use up people’s savings and use up people’s retirement to prop up this set of institutions that only help the very rich people and these very rich people are only rich on paper, they are long paper. All of them. What they own is pieces of paper with letters and numbers on them, which will turn out to be worthless. So this is all just basically musical chairs and something very similar was happening in the Soviet Union and something like that is happening here…

[When a system collapses] really the most important thing to consider is, who do you know and how will they help you even if you don’t give them any money for it. It’s as basic as that.

Vinay Gupta’s Simple Critical Infrastructure Model: Vinay tells his...

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