How to solve the uneven granularity problem of jaw crusher?

How to solve the uneven granularity problem of jaw crusher?

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Great Wall Heavy Industry is one of China’s leading crushing equipment manufacturers. With a number of technical experts in the field of domestic crushing and screening, strong research and development ability of new products, and perfect after-sale service, we can provide you the star-level service, which is comprehensive, fast, initiative and timely.

We clearly recognize that the powerful technical support is necessary for the energy conservation and environmental protection of jaw crusher machine . And one of the main development directions of crushing equipment in the future is that to comply with the requirements of national energy conservation and emissions reduction, and stick to the enterprise concept of green environmental protection.

As is well known,jaw crusher is widely used in stone production line,because of its high crushing ratio and even granularity.However jaw crusher appears the uneven grained products,How to solve the uneven granularity problem?Great Wall Heavy Industry technicians analysis the jaw crusher problem from following aspects:

1:displacement of jaw plate may cause the gear against the addendum,we can solve it by adjusting the jaw plate.

2:There is a big gap between movable jaw and bearing for the reason of abrasion,which makes the bearing rotate relatively.we should change the jaw crusher bearing or movable jaw,so as to reduce the big gap.

3:Jaw crusher Outlet specification is lower than the prescribed limitation, adjust the Outlet to solve the problem,the details steps include gasket adjustment,hydraulic adjustment or supporting device adjustment.

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