How to Squat

How to Squat

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Dear Justin,
This email is regarding the set of instructions you wanted me to send you to improve your back squat/upright leg press form. After reading this email and doing the exercise properly, you should be able to tell the difference in the tenseness of your leg muscles and the fatigue associated with the exercise itself. The fatigue is usually a good indication that you are doing the exercise correctly and that the muscles within the leg are being used effectively.
I recommend working on your squatting form without weights first so that you can master the technique. However if you are somewhat comfortable with the exercise already you can use a lighter weight to start off. Just keep in mind if you stack too much weight, you will be likely to hurt yourself by spraining or tearing muscles within your leg. For the sake of this email, I will show pictures of the exercise being done with a wooden bar rather than an actual squatting rack and bar (with weights attached to it).
Step 1 – Feet Position
Your feet should be shoulder width apart. Pictured below:

This stance will ensure that both legs are being used equally as well as giving you a sturdy base so you don’t fall over. When it comes to squatting stance can be somewhat preference based. You can play around with your stance, but only to a certain extent. Since you’re right handed you may find it easier to slightly place your right foot in front of your left foot (pictured below):

The absolute wrong stance to have is a “duck footed” stance with your feet poking out in opposite directions (pictured below):

Play around with your stance to figure out the most comfortable position for you.

Step 2 – Bar/Hand Placement
When placing the bar on your back make sure that the bar is not sitting directly on the top of your shoulder blades. The bar should be positioned a little lower than the top of your spine. Your hands should grip the bar in a comfortable position...

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