How to Use Blackboard

How to Use Blackboard

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Cecilia Nguyen
Tricic, MWF 10:00 A.M.

Opportunity 1: BB Summary

Blackboard allows professors to quickly and easily create a link for their classes that include discussion boards, file exchange, online assessments and ease of access to check our grades and assignments. It permits students to find material based on their preferred learning style. With the collaboration of the digital drop-box and the grade book, students can submit their assignments as well as check their grades for their assignments. Blackboard provides an area to place information about the course, assignments and exams in multiple locations. The syllabus, which is written requirements for the students, it is also a written contract between the professors and the students for the course. It can provide students with study tools that will improve their grades. Professors can create quizzes on the blackboard website to allow students to test their knowledge on practice exams to verify their understanding before taking the exam in class.
The features that seem helpful are the grades in the tool tab because it helps me keep track of what grade I have for the class. Also, when we can not get into contact with the professors, we can easily email the students with our questions that are taking the same course. The discussion board is very helpful because I may post questions on the discussion board and have only a few students reply, rather than emailing the whole class and receiving a handful of emails with the same answer. In addition, if I had a question, and I thought that it was an unintelligent question, I could look on the discussion board to see if anyone else had the same question as I did. As a student, another reason that I find blackboard useful is because it allows students and instructors the ability to share concepts, ideas, questions and answers.

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