How to Use Maize Milling Machine Comprehensively?

How to Use Maize Milling Machine Comprehensively?

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Maize products by maize milling machine have wide usage in different aspects, such as maize grits, maize flour, maize starch, maize syrup, maize germs, maize oil flakes, maize albumen powder and maize pulp. Maize grits can be used as staple food, or used for beer brewing. Maize flour can be used to make macaroni, fine dried noodles, pastry coordinating powder, puffed food, children food and so on. In industry, it can be used for alcohol brewing, pharmacy, and so on.

Maize starch by maize milling machine can be used to make thickening flavor for making bean vermicelli, ice cream, dairy food and cake. It can also be used to produce glucose, high fructose maize syrup and so on. The maize starch is processed physically and chemically first, and then we can get various kinds of modified starch and starch derivatives, which is widely used in food, papermaking, weaving, medical treatment, building materials, chemical industry, beneficiation, agriculture and forestry, daily-use chemical industry and so on.

Maize steep liquor by maize milling machine contains 48-50% dry matter, which can be used as medium medically. Maize germs contain 34-40% oil, which can be cooked directly. After refining, it can be processed into margarine, shortening, salad oil and so on. In industry, it can be used to make soap, paint and dye stuff. Oil flakes can be extracted embryo protein which can be added in the noodles and cakes. It also can be used to make soy sauce and alcohol.

Maize, as one of the high processing degree crops, is facing more and more problems from corn processing. In our country, the maize milling machine industry emerges the market pattern with fierce competition. Domestic industry centralization trend is becoming more and more obvious. It is the basic way to find the scale economy and products deepening. Maize milling machine industry belongs to national important supporting enterprise. It has a good demanding prospect.

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