How to Write an Autobiography

How to Write an Autobiography

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The life of John Doe began in Anytown, USA on August 1, 1968. Born to a U.S. Navy veteran and homemaker. I grew up with one older brother and a younger sister, life was very typical of the time and location. I graduated from high school in 1987 and shortly afterwards enlisted in the U.S. Navy where I was trained as a flight deck crash and salvage team leader on board the USS Enterprise and USS Tarawa where I traveled extensively and served in the first Gulf War. After five years, I decided to leave the Navy and seek opportunities in the civilian market.
In 1993, I settled in Anytown, USA where I worked with a telecommunications firm installing telephone systems. In 1997, I met the former Jane Doe and in January of any year, we were married. After continuing my work with telecommunications systems for another five years, we decided to continue my military service and enlisted in the U.S. Army after traveling to Ft. Jackson, S.C. for basic training I began my training as an intelligence analyst at Ft. Huachuca, AZ. Upon graduating from Initial Entry Training (IET), my family and I moved to any location where I was assigned to yourCompany of the your unit Battalion.
After living in bbbbbb for only a few months Trudi and I learned that, I would be departing for Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom for twelve months. This would be the first time in our marriage that we would be apart for an extended period and as with most deployments, our marriage was tested by time and distance. However, after twelve long months I returned home safely and approximately nine months later we would welcome our first child, name of child. While enjoying the expected arrival of our son, we learned that the 125th MI BN was being disbanded and we would become...

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