How to Write a Good Advertisement

How to Write a Good Advertisement

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How to write a good advertisement

In order to write a good advertisement you have to follow these tips:

1. Consider for what audience you are writing for. It is very important in order to create an interesting and understandable advertisement. For example, if you are writing for teenagers, use particular slogan and words that are close to them. Just suit your language to your intended audience.
2. Write headlines which catches reader’s attention. This is very important because people are overloaded with information so they read only by skimming. If your headline doesn’t get their attention everything is probably wasted because the reader won’t read the whole upcoming advertisement.
3. Write with a natural style. Don't try to be pretentious or over friendly. Just write it in the way you'd say it.
4. Start by choosing a single benefit about your product or service that you want to highlight the most above everything else. To choose this, you have to ask yourself what specific benefit makes your product or service different, better or special from others? It can be price, quality, convenience and etc.
5. Continue ad with your strongest selling points. The first few paragraphs are particularly important. Use them to create a desire for your product or service by touching major benefits it could bring to the customer. You don't have to go into too much detailed.
6. Write a list of all the features of your product or service and then translate each of these into a benefit for the customer. Try to imagine that you're a customer. So probably you’ll come up with the question: “What this feature will do for me? ”. There must be an explanation what particular benefit consumer gets from this feature. For instance, you are advertising shampoo made from natural nettle’s roots so it should be explained that this causes faster hair growing.
7. Add testimonials. Good, believable testimonials from real people or even better from the popular...

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