How to Write a Short Article

How to Write a Short Article


How to Write a Short Article
in Less than 500 Words

How to Write this Short Article:

1. Create a benefit-driven title so people will open your e-mail. Allow pizzazz into your title. Dare to be outrageous!

2. Create a snappy one to three-sentence introduction. Include what's in it for your audience. How will your article improve their lives or business?

3. Know your article's purpose and specific audience and narrow your slant or focus just for them.

This article's audience includes business people who want to promote their product or service through a short article, as speakers or coaches, or consultants who have a new book to sell and want to attract new clients, and Web site publishers who want more visitors.

4. Write an outline with four to six major points you want to make before you write.

My outline and headings for this article include the seven ways to write this article:

1. Write for Your Targeted Market.
2. Write an Outline First
3. Write Each Paragraph to Support Your Outline Headings
4. Write An Outline With Four to Six Sub Points
5. Write Four or Five Sentences for Each Paragraph
6. Create Four to Six Paragraphs for Each Heading of Outline
7. Revise Copy Looking for Ways to Tighten Your Article
Remember each sentence must support the thesis statement, that's one major benefit of how you will solve your reader's particular challenge or problem. In this one, I give you 7 solutions for writing a short article.

Break down each paragraph into four standard-length sentences (15-17 words each). For drama, write one or two shorter sentences. One paragraph contains around 100 words. Five paragraphs of five sentences of 20 or less words will equal close to 500 words.

5. Create Four to Six Paragraphs From Your Outline

From your outline sub points that must also support the thesis, write a concise, compelling paragraph that explains and gives examples.

If you write over 100 words,...

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