How to O[Pperate a Tactical Vehicle

How to O[Pperate a Tactical Vehicle

Operating a tactical vehicle isn’t hard job, there are just a lot of little things that if you forget them it can

fuck you! Always sound the horn before you take off to let people know the truck is moving! If you don’t

honk the horn and people don’t know your moving you could un over someone. Tactical vehicles have a

lot of blind spots, that’s why ground guides are needed in the motor pool or any tight place of operation

for that matter. For some weird reason we always drive with our light on. I guess it’s a safety think even

though it really doesn’t make since to have headlights on while the sun is shining. We also have to wear

our seatbelts at all times, that one actually makes since. You can’t drive without a flak and Kevlar either.

Once again I don’t really see point of that unless you’re in country. I guess it could be for safety but it

seems like a little bit of overkill. You have to have eight hours of sleep before operating a tactical vehicle!

I really like that rule cause it sometimes gets you half days and shit! Before you think about getting in take

off there are thirteen before during and after ops checks you need to look at. They are usually attached to

the trip ticket. Speaking of trip tickets, trip tickets are a very important part of driving tactical vehicle.

You’re not even supposed to leave the motor pool without a trip ticket and if it isn’t filled out right and

you get stopped by the road master he can burn you’re ass. Dispatch won’t even take you’re trip ticket if

one small thing is left out! After you are done driving you have to make sure you turn the lights off and

put the chock block down. If you are in a 7-ton you have to drain the air tanks, let all the air out of the air

ride seat, and turn off the battery box. Then you have to do your after operation check which is really

making sure its clean, it doesn’t have any leaks and the fluids are good. You always have to...

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