How Would I Imagine God

How Would I Imagine God

God is the creator of the universe and the creator of the Holy Spirit and Jesus also. Jesus is God and the Holy Spirit is God and God is God. This is known as the Trinity and is important to the understanding of the Catholic faith. It is also important to understand that God is spirit, but he is different from human spirit. He is unformed spirit, but he exists, without any form or substance. He created Jesus as in a human form, but Jesus is spirit also.

Since God is spirit and unformed spirit, like the angels, it is very hard to imagine what he would be like. His physical appearance, if I were to imagine God as in a formed spirit would be awe inspiring.

His spirit would be incredibly large in size, perhaps the size of the largest mountain imaginable, or the size of a continent. He would also glow with inner spirit and light brighter than any ever seen before. It would be like the glowing of the sun at midday, but it would be a white light. His light would not be blinding, but it would be awesome and comforting. He would also be very powerful. He could have the power of a thousand landslides pounding down from the top of the tallest mountains. His power would be almost inconceivable to human understanding. His steadiness and reliability would be obvious too. Since God is there for us always, this part of his spirit would be visible too. It would take the form of mountains that never leave and stand still for millions of years. His spirit is also very loving, and this would be seen also. There would be a very warm aura around him. Every where he is there would be warmth. Not hot, like fire, but warm, like when you sit in front of a fireplace on a cold winter day.

If he were to take the form of a human being, it would be a different vision that I would have of him. First of all, as a human, he would be very tall. He would be taller than ten feet. He would have to be tall because this represents his power. He would also be...

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