How I Live

How I Live

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How I live out what I believe!

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I am a Christian and so try to the best of my ability to live by the teachings of the Bible. On a more personal level I live by a few words and try to incorporate them in everything I do. These words are:! Confidence- Confidence is very important as it is something I lacked when I was a young boy, I have grown from strength to strength and now have to avoid being overconfident. I achieved being confident from the inspiration of my Father, a very confident man himself. I drew from how his confidence and faith made things that were unlikely possible. When it started to work for me, I always think what would a confident me do.! Courage- This is the courage to step out of your comfort zone, step into the unknown and try things I have never tried before. I live this out everyday as I try to look at every challenge with an open minded view and believe I can conquer.! Charisma- I do not know if Charisma can be taught, but wherever it comes from I think I have it. My ability to capture the attention and emotions of others has helped me to lead people, that has helped me build confidence and more courage.!

! These three C’s are the basis of my philosophy of life, supported by the next three.! !

Believe- It all starts in my mind, once I believe, I usually achieve what I believe in.! Beautiful- I like dealing with beautiful places, beautiful people and beautiful work. Beauty motivates me to go beyond what is normally expected of me and in my efforts to make things beautiful, I get results.! Love- I believe if any thought or action stems from love, it is worth pursuing. It gives me that extra push when things get tough or aren’t going well that I am doing the right thing because it is out of love.

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