Hr Assignment - essay

Hr Assignment - essay

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Chapter 1


This chapter will address (1) The rationale of this research, (2) The research aims and questions, (3) The research hypotheses, and (4) The research significance and organization.

1.1. Rationale
Over the past two decades or so, most work organizations have faced the effects of free global trade, deregulation of the markets, privatization and, simultaneously, the need to improve productivity, quality and cost- efficiency. It is clear that cost minimization or differentiation, globalization and national economic policies will determine the HR strategy taken by management and the subsequent HRM outcomes. If the company selects to complete through product and service innovation and high quality, the HRM contributions flows from the need to create a highly skilled and committed workforce. For example, in the industry of producing automobiles in Vietnam, especially at current time when many taxes are increased and added into the product's cost. The market of automobiles are facing a lot of troubles. Even imported and old cars are not sold as well as they were. Clearly it is very difficult for any auto company to survive at present time.
However, it is a quite different story to THACO, an auto company which is one of the leading auto companies that produces cars, trucks and coaches in Vietnam. Primarily it is just a very small factory which is only in charge of fitting mini trucks. Later THACO has developed rapidly and has become the biggest Auto Group which produces, fits and provides many other services related to autos in VIetnam. Up to now, it is possible to say that THACO has achieved a great success in this industry within 15 years.
To get this glorious accomplishment, I strongly believe that THACO has applied special Human Resource strategies that can encourage all employees to devote all their best to the general success as well as promote their ability in performance. All employees are so motivated that they can commit to...

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